Sat. Oct 16th, 2021

Western Cricket School Children's Cricket Association

West Auckland School cricket club

U8 & U9 Action Grade

Western Districts Schoolchildren’s Cricket Association

Action Grade Rules



U8 &U9 Action Rules


A copy of these should be held by every Action Grade Coach & Team Manager. It is recommended that parents of players also take the time to study and understand these rules.


Team Composition

Maximum 8 players per team.  Minimum of 6 players.

Players should be in school year 4 for Yr4 grade, school year 3 for Yr3 grade, at the beginning of the season.

Mixed teams are allowed.



Players should not be graded into teams based on ability.

ACA encourages grading of teams rather than players in this grade.


Hours of Play

9am – 11.00am.



Maximum of 5 minutes between innings.


The Result

The side which has scored the most runs in their complete innings will be deemed the winner.

All results must be uploaded to by Monday at 5pm.



16 overs. All overs shall be bowled from one end.


Pitch Length

14 metres.



25 metres.

The boundary should be measured from the batsman’s end.



140g incrediball is to be used. Eg Kookaburra Rookie Softaball or equivalent.



The batting 8 must be named prior to 9am.

Batsmen bat in 4 over partnerships.

For each dismissal 3 runs will be deducted from the batting side.

Batsmen will not leave the crease until their 4 over partnership is completed.


Modes of Dismissal

Normal cricket rules apply except in the case of No Balls, LBW and stumping’s. No No Balls, LBWs or stumping’s are to be given. The umpire can insist the batsman take a stance on middle and leg.



Each over will consist of a maximum of 6 balls.  With the last over having a maximum of 8 balls.

All overs must be bowled from the same end.

All players must bowl a minimum of 2 overs. No player may bowl their second over until all others have bowled 1. No player can bowl more than 2 overs.

Where there are more than 8 players, any player not named in the batting 8 must bowl.



Umpires must agree wide lines prior to the game.

Maximum 2 wides per over with 2 pts per wide.



All overs are to be bowled from the same end.

To ensure a fast game we recommend coaches instruct their teams to rotate in the field i.e., each player moves clockwise after each over.

No player may field within 10 metres of the bat except between ‘point’ and the wicketkeeper.



Coaches should only be used as umpires as a last resort.

We encourage the same umpires remain throughout the game to ensure consistency.



We strongly advise coaches wait until a break in play to provide feedback.

At no stage should a coach who is not umpiring be on the field during play.


Uneven Team Numbers

A team may bat players twice if they have less than 8. Returning batsmen must return in ascending order i.e., the lowest scoring batsman must return first.

The batting team must provide up to 2 players to assist with fielding if requested.


Replacement Players

A maximum of 2 players can be used as replacements during a game. Replacement players cannot bat.